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Whatever your interest, Fishing, Back-Country touring, dining, photography or just some good old-fashioned Rest & Relaxation, Winefred Lake Lodge delivers!

Please take some time to explore the following outdoor activities. We’re sure you will find something of interest.  Once you have decided on your activity booking is easy, simply call us or e-mail us with your preferred holiday dates.

Giant Northern Pike fish caught at Winefred Lake Lodge in Alberta, Canada - Outdoor Activites

Winefred Lake has long been known for its huge Walleye and monster Northern Pike. The lake has just the right make-up to consistently produce these behemoths; three rivers to continuously feed and drain the lake while at the same time providing a good spawning area, ample vegetation along the shoreline provides both a place to spawn and, a high quality food source.

Giant Northern Pike caught fly fishing at Winefred Lake Lodge in Alberta, Canada

Maybe the most spectacular fishing on Winefred is casting streamers for truly giant Northern pike especially early or late season when the water is crystal clear. Hooking one of these 40” plus monsters is not for the faint of heart, set the hook and hold on!

Large Northern Pike caught ice fishing at Winefred Lake Lodge in Alberta, Canada

All species of fish that inhabit Winefred are in their prime having feed all year to prepare for the long winter ahead and for many the spring spawn. Winefred lake has a strict no bait policy, so anglers need to have the right lures and move to find fish. The Northern pike this time of year are huge especially the females.

Guests are provided with 16′ aluminum boats equipped with new 20 horsepower motors; this combination is perfect for Winefred Lake. The lake itself is 36 km long (14 miles) and 23 km (9 miles) wide giving you plenty of room to hook the big one!

Fully Guided Fishing

Our experienced guides are ready to make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible.  Our guides are knowledgeable and experts at fishing Winefred lake for trophy pike and walleye. We specialize in day to weeklong fully guided trips on Winefred lake.