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Winefred Lake Has Long Been Known For Its Trophy Walleye And Monster Northern Pike
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Winefred Lake is famous for consistently producing better than average Northern Pike. Days with multiple fish over 40” are not uncommon and fish over 30lbs are caught every year. Winefred Lake has excellent habitat for pike to spawn, grow fast and get very big. The lake is large with plenty of diverse shore structure, islands and three good-sized rivers for spawning as well as multiple small creeks and springs draining into the lake. 

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Walleye  are very abundant in Winefred Lake. Although most of the anglers that come to Winefred are targeting the huge pike that inhabit its waters walleye should not be forgotten. The overall average size for walleye in Winefred is excellent with fish in the 3-6lb ranges average. Once schools are located it is not uncommon for an angler to wear himself out pulling in fish after fish. 



Lake Whitefish  are one of the most popular fish to target in the winter months through the ice on Winefred Lake. They are plentiful, fairly easy to catch once found and are aggressive fighters. They are also one of the best eating fish! At the moment daily limit on whitefish in Winefred Lake is 10 per day. Winefred produces big whitefish. Average sizes are 2.5-5lbs. 

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