Winefred Lake has long been known for its huge Walleye and monster Northern Pike


Here at Winefred Lake Lodge we are happy to provide anglers with everything from fully guided fishing excursions, fly fishing, spin/bait casting, or ice fishing. We can supply high quality rods, reels and tackle to our fully guided clients or rentals to DIY guests. We also stock a wide variety of the very best equipment, tackle and lures at the lodge for sale. Contact us for specific pricing on fully guided trips and to schedule dates.


Guests of Winefred Lake Lodge are provided with 16′ Lund Boats equipped with 20hp Yamaha motors. This combination is perfect for Winefred Lake (rental fees apply). A boat launch is also available for guests who would like to bring their own boat (launch, docking fees may apply).

Northern Pike

Winefred Lake is famous for consistently producing better than average Northern Pike (Esox lucius). Days with multiple fish over 40” are not uncommon and fish over 30lbs are caught fairly often. Winefred Lake has excellent habitat for pike to spawn, grow fast and get very big. The lake is large with plenty of diverse shore structure, islands and three good-sized rivers for spawning as well as multiple small creeks and springs draining into the lake. Winefred is also teaming with food for pike and other predatory fish like walleye. Typically at the start of season Pike are found close to river mouths and shallow point in the immediate vicinity. This being post spawn the pike are hungry and eager to bite. As the water warms fish start to spread out around the lake and follow bait as weed beds develop. Fishing is excellent starting early spring right until ice up each year. Ice fishing also brings excellent opportunity to hard water anglers that want to catch a true giant after the fish have been feeding up all summer preparing for winter and in turn the spring spawn.  Big female pike are somewhat lethargic this time of year but maybe the most impressive in terms of size. Common lures on the lake are anything perch colored, crank baits, spoons and jigs in yellow, white, chartreuse. Stop by our tackle shop to see what the hot lure is this week!

Walleye fishing at Winefred Lake Lodge


Walleye (Sander vitreus) are very abundant in Winefred Lake. Although most of the anglers that come to Winefred are targeting the huge pike that inhabit its waters walleye should not be forgotten. The overall average size for walleye in Winefred is excellent with fish in the 3-6lb ranges average. Once schools are located it is not uncommon for an angler to wear himself out pulling in fish after fish. Walleye like pike are also spring spawners and utilize the rivers that flow into the lake as spawning grounds. Subsequently early spring fish can be located close to the river mouths and near by structure (points and drop offs). As the water warms the walleye become move aggressive feeders and can be found in many areas around the lake shore especially early morning or latter in the day. Ice fishing season again brings opportunity for fishermen wanting to catch THE BIG ONE! Common lures for walleye are deer diving crank baits, jigs, spoons (trolled slow), spinners. From week to week hot spots and hot baits can change, ask the dock staff or tackle shop for updates on what’s been hot.

Lake Whitefish fishing at Winefred Lake Lodge

Lake Whitefish

Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) are one of the most popular fish to target in the winter months through the ice on Winefred Lake. They are plentiful, fairly easy to catch once found and are aggressive fighters. They are also one of the best eating fish! At the moment daily limit on whitefish in Winefred Lake is 10 per day. Winefred produces big whitefish. Average sizes are 2.5-5lbs. The whitefish is a fall spawning fish, eggs are laid late fall and hatch the following spring in the lake. They can also be targeted spring/summer/fall on calm evenings when they will occasionally rise or feed sub surface along with their cousins the cisco. Deep holes should be targeted during winter months when fish can be found suspended and feeding. Common lures are small spoons, jigs, flys.