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Experience The Majestic Black Bear In Its Natural Habitat

The black bear is native to North America and is found primarily in Canada and the U.S. There are 16 subspecies which differ slightly in appearance & colors. The area surrounding Winefred lake is some of the best habitat in the province for black bears and we are fortunate to have many color phase bears in our area. On tour you could see several color phases including brown bears, black bears, and cinnamon or blond bears.. oh my! They are great climbers, love to eat and very curious. 

Experience the unique opportunity we offer at Winefred Lake Lodge with the Boreal forrest's first wild bear viewing. View black bears in their natural habitat. From the comfort and safety of a viewing stand, sit with one of our well versed guides and immerse yourself in a bear's habitat. 

Don't forget your camera!

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