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Late Winter On Winefred Lake Is One Of The Most Rewarding Times Of The Year


All species of fish that inhabit Winefred are in their prime having feed all year to prepare for the long winter ahead and for many the spring spawn. Winefred lake has a strict no bait policy, so anglers need to have the right lures and move to find fish. The Northern pike this time of year are huge especially the females. Walleye’s are typically picky this time of year but once they are located and enticed by the right hook the fishing can be excellent! Possibly the biggest draw for ice fishers on Winefred is the whitefish. They are easier to catch this time of year than any other. Typically anglers will focus on deep holes using sonar to locate fish. Whitefish in the 3lb plus range are not uncommon. Again one of the best eating fish, especially during the winter from the ice cold water.



The lake is typically accessible with a pick up truck however snowmobilers are also welcome over the winter months(January-March 15) at Winefred lodge. The lake and surrounding property make a great place for a snowmobile getaway, whether you like to fish or just tour and spend time around with friends in the great outdoors.

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