Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is the most spectacular fishing on Winefred

Northern Pike

Maybe the most spectacular fishing on Winefred is casting streamers for truly giant Northern pike especially early or late season when the water is crystal clear. Hooking one of these 40” plus monsters is not for the faint of heart, set the hook and hold on! A rod in the 8-10 weight range with an aggressive tapper suited for casting large streamers imitating bait fish is recommended. Steal leaders are a must. The great thing about fly fishing on Winefred for big pike is there are also plenty of fish in the 2-12 lb range to keep you busy while hunting for THE BIG ONE!


Walleye are also abundant and can be eager to take a fly once schools are located. Typically early mornings and evenings are best as the walleye move shallow to feed and are usually feeding aggressively on anything that mimic’s a bait fish or leach’s.

Lake Whitefish

Don’t Forget To Bring Small Flies

Don’t forget to bring some small flies to try for lake whitefish. Most calm evenings and often during the day they can be seen rolling taking subsurface for surface dwelling insects. The whitefish are an undervalued fish in terms of fight, hook into a 3lb plus whitey on a light setup and your in for a battle. Also one of the best eating fish around especially smoked over alder wood.